New Free Content Coming to War of the Roses

Published on November 19th, 2012

New weapons, armour and game mode all part of the latest monthly update.

New Free Content Coming to War of the Roses

Blood will be spilled.

Paradox Interactive has detailed a new update heading to . This Wednesday’s patch will add a new helmet, four new visors, seven new weapons and a new game mode to mix up the game’s thriving online scene.

Those new weapons include a gothic mace, fancy halberd, horn-spanned crossbow and other nasty medieval instruments.

The star of this update though, is a new game-mode dubbed Pitched Battle. In it warriors will only have one life to do as much damage to the other team as possible, with those boasting the most kills judged the victor. To try out this new mode all players have to do is look for applicable servers, via the in-game server browser later this week.

This update is just the next in a long line coming to War of the Roses over the coming months, and we have to say we’re rather smitten with this medieval take on competitive multiplayer.

If you’d like to know more about this PC exclusive, check out our review linked here.


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    New Free Content Coming to War of the Roses

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