New Company of Heroes 2 Trailer Focuses on the Tragedy of War

Published on May 23rd, 2013

Relic and SEGA finally unveil the human side of their Eastern Front RTS.

Today Relic Entertainment and SEGA have released a new trailer for , but the kicker is the new footage is probably a lot different from what you’ve seen of the sequel before.

Previous trailers have focused on the tools of war wielded by either side, Soviets versus Nazis, whereas this one details the campaign’s focus on former Soviet commander Lev Abramovich Isakovich as he reflects on his experiences during World War Two. Check out the footage below, it’s surprisingly deep for a promo:

In this month’s issue of FirstLook magazine we penned our thoughts after spending hours with both a preview build of Company of Heroes 2 and the developers behind the game, Relic Entertainment. It’s fair to say we were immensely impressed with what we played and we came away surprised by just how much emotional resonance the campaign stirred within us. For more information about the campaign and a detailed interview with Company of Heroes 2‘s game director Quinn Duffy, check out the latest issue of FirstLook embedded for your convenience below:

Company of Heroes 2 will be released exclusive on PC, this July.


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    New Company of Heroes 2 Trailer Focuses on the Tragedy of War

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