New Co-op Mode Coming to Team Fortress 2

Published on August 14th, 2012

The Mann vs Machine update offers new ways to earn loot.

After two years worth of teasing by a particularly devilish AR, Valve has officially announced a new update for titled ‘Mann vs Machine’, which will add a five-player survival-based co-op mode to the free-to-play multiplayer shooter..

Just like all the other updates for the acclaimed release, which tallys in at over 150 at this point, this one will be added to the game for free.

The wave-based mode will offer players a new chance to earn loot for kills, in a dedicated co-op mode which asks combatants to kill legions of synthetic warriors produced by an unknown figure.

Sounds awesome right? Yep it sure does, and to celebrate this occasion Valve has released a new video get you excited about the new content.

Roll on August 15th. Oh and one more thing, 69Starmix96 you were right on the money – congratulations! To learn more about this update check out the official Team Fortress 2 website.


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    New Co op Mode Coming to Team Fortress 2

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