COD Elite Still Coming to PC

Published on March 16th, 2012

Only Activision can’t tell you when.

Activision producer Noah Heller has explained that Call of Duty: Elite is still in development for PC, but he can’t offer gamers a timeframe for its long-delayed launch.

“Unfortunately I don’t have an update for you at this time. We’re still working on it. We can’t date it yet. It’s a challenging piece of development. It’s really all I can say,” Heller told Eurogamer.

COD Elite Still Coming to PC

Would you pay for this service? Activision certainly hopes so.

“Back in the day I was a PC gamer myself. I cut my teeth on shooters on good, old fashioned Team Fortress 1. So I’m excited to do right by the PC players soon.”

For those not in the loop, is a service which launched on Xbox 360 and PS3 last year and offers lots of multiplayer-centric features for fans of the FPS franchise including exclusive map content, clan versus clan match hosting, competitions, competitive heat-map analysis and other features for $49.99 a year.

There’s also a free subscription option which includes less exciting features such as the ability to create a class online, HD video sharing etc.

Why exactly Beachhead Studios, the developer in charge of Elite, is having so much trouble taming the open PC platform  is still up for debate, although we wouldn’t be surprised if widespread cheating, in the guise of wall-hacking, botting and other exploits, was to blame.

Traditionally it’s been up to the community to provide the kind of features Call of Duty Elite offers and even though many will begrudge Activision seeking to milk more money out of the average gamer, we’re still very intrigued to see what exactly a PC version of the service would offer.

Here’s hoping Elite gets launched on PC before the next Call of Duty arrives before the end of the year…

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    COD Elite Still Coming to PC

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