Bohemia Interactive Reveals Take On Mars

Published on June 14th, 2013

Do you want to build a rival to Nasa’s Curiosity Rover? We’ve got just the game for you…

Bohemia Interactive, the developer behind the hard-as-nails military series ARMA, has announced a new game at E3 based around NASA’s ongoing remote exploration of Mars.

Bohemia Interactive Reveals Take On Mars

Red Faction this most certainly isn't.

The Czech studio are calling their ambitious new PC-only sim ‘Take On Mars’, and they’ve gone to insane lengths to make sure their new piece of software could potentially find a rival to NASA’s Curiosity Rover.

They’ve mapped out portions of Mars based on real-life satellite data and missions within the game are based on Curiosity’s ongoing activities such as exploration, rock extraction, and taking photos of the red, sandy landscape. Players will also be able to design rovers from scratch with over fifty different parts at their disposal and as you’d expect from the developer which allowed Day Z to come into being via ARMA’s inherent modability, will support player made content.

To learn more about this exciting and assuredly different project, check out the trailer below:

Take on Mars is set to be released later this year for the cheap price of $15, which we suspect will be around £10 in local currency.


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    Bohemia Interactive Reveals Take On Mars

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