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Published on June 2nd, 2011

After a long time shrouded in darkness, Gearbox Software are finally ready to unveil what exactly their shooter based in the Alien universe is all about.

There are some basic facts that everyone knows, such as the game will place the player in a squad of Colonial Marines during the same timeline as the films, featuring the same equipment – M41A 10-mm Pulse Rifle, automated turrets, M56 Smart Gun, motion trackers etc. – and there will be some kind of co-op/multiplayer functionality, but the recent teaser trailer also unveiled some very interesting and previously unknown factoids.

First off the plot is set after the events of James Cameron’s Aliens with Ripley on her way to Fiorina 161 with Burke, Rebecca and half of the android Burke. The likelihood is she and the rest of the movie team won’t feature in the game at all. The Colonial Marine squad the player is attached to is sent in to investigate why the team has left USS Sulaco – where the climatic act in Aliens took place – and what exactly happened to the Hadley’s Hope colony.

The game’s campaign structure is shown in the trailer, via a communication with command by Lt. Sgt Cruz with the team first required to board the USS Sulaco, Recon LV-426 (Hadley’s Hope) and report back their findings.

The premise of the game makes sense as this new team of bad-ass soldiers could be the rescue team which Hicks alluded to in the Aliens screenplay – scheduled to arrive seventeen days after an emergency is declared.

It isn’t all biscuits and gravy however, as there are still plenty of interesting titbits to mull over. For instance, by all accounts Hadley’s Hope should just be a smouldering crater after the site was engulfed by a massive nuclear explosion, thanks to the atmosphere processing facility experiencing a meltdown. This cataclysmic event seemingly ensured the xenomorph threat didn’t escape off-world, but the last still from the trailer suggests otherwise.

Could the ten megaton explosion have failed to nullify the dark serpent-like threat or is there some other foul play afoot? The shot of the alien does hint that the colony is in bad shape, but not to the extent that it has just suffered a nuclear event.

Seeing as LV-426 was the location of The Derelict spacecraft from the original film as well as the doomed colony from the sequel, perhaps that would explain how the xenomorphs have survived. If so we wouldn’t rule out the squad venturing into the eerie vessel at some point in the campaign, if only to raise further interest in Sir Ridley Scott’s prequel Prometheus – both projects are due for release in 2012 after all.

Like all good trailers, Gearbox’s latest presents more questions than answers. However we’re very excited to find out what this squad shooter is all about and seeing as E3 kicks off next week, we should know exactly what Colonial Marines has to offer sooner rather than later.

It’s worth nothing that we haven’t seen anything of Alien: Colonial Marines other than what has been made public and this entire article has been wanton speculation based on a paltry ninety-second trailer, but when it comes to 20th Century Fox’s greatest sci-fi property it’s always fun to speculate!

Update: One of our fans has just sent us an email stating that if readers go to the IP address shown in the trailer ( and enter the password FATHER, they will be shown an extended edition of the teaser which includes gameplay footage. Neato!


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