What is rFactor

Published on January 13th, 2012

So what exactly is ?

Despite being released over six years ago, rFactor is still the most modded and customisable racing sim on the planet, boasting unparalleled realism and community support. Any motorsport discipline you can imagine is accommodated in the racer – usually care of community mods – and the same is true of circuit selection. Needless to say, the original has changed the way many view racing games on PC are viewed, thanks to an excellent engine which fully simulates aerodynamics, tyre degradation and a detailed setup model, and ISI are looking to revolutionise the genre again with their sequel.

So what features are improved?

In a word, everything. From the improved lighting visuals to a much more extensive interaction between tyres and track, seeks to improve everything which made the original so popular. By the team’s own admission, the tyre system is the most improved feature, as players will notice different grades of wear between the contact patch and the rest of the tyre as they put in lap after lap. Tyre performance and the way you treat them will have a direct correlation to performance. Racers will have to drive even more carefully when they accumulate abused areas after a spin or a lock-up to avoid catastrophic failures. Weather too will finally be included and the team has implemented a system where dry lines form realistically over time.

What’s the catch?

rFactor 2 will still be based on a one-time purchase, with a year’s subscription for online play included for $43.99. After that twelve months is up players will have to pay $12.99 a year, but there is the option to pay for a lifetime subscription fee. A subscription is only necessary to play rFactor 2 online, so if you’re only interested in racing against AI and sampling mods then you won’t need to pay annually.

As standard, this sequel will support classic stock car racing, modern endurance, Formula Renault and classic F1 cars sourced from the discipline’s first four decades, but like the original we suspect the best content will come from the fans. Frankly the mod support for this franchise has been astounding in the past with extraordinarily detailed content such as recreations of a real-life motorsport championships with all the necessary tracks, drivers and liveries all made available for free. We have fond memories of racing the BTCC 2009 mod with a bunch of friends most Saturday afternoons online and we suspect the sequel will attract the same kind of dedication, after all that’s the main reason why rFactor has endured all of these years.

rFactor 2 is currently in open beta and if you’d like to sample it early, you’ll find all the information you need at the official website.

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    What is rFactor

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