Top 11 of 2011 Part 3

Published on December 28th, 2011

- 5.

All year the games industry was obsessed with who would rule the stupendously successful military shooter genre come November, would it be Call of Duty or Battlefield? Well, us PC gamers always knew who would win in the quality stakes, and DICE really delivered. Obviously not when it came to the campaign though, as that 10-hour experience was the worst kind of hand-holding nonsense, but when it came to multiplayer, Battlefield 3 truly proved itself as a worthy successor to its genre-defining predecessor. Launching from a browser took some time to get used to and there were a few compatibility problems with the new and shiny Frostbite 2 engine, but this game still dominated our multiplayer habits in 2011, even pulling us away from the almighty Team Fortress 2.

- 4. Deus Ex: Human Revolution

It still feels weird typing this, but the world finally has a sequel worthy of the Deus Ex name, and it has nothing to do with the series’ driving creative force Warren Spector. Eidos Montreal seemingly did the impossible in September when they released a prequel to Deus Ex which not only built on its predecessor, but also made this high-concept sci-fi universe accessible to everyone. The central narrative involving cybernetic enhancements versus the sanctity of the human soul was one of the few moral decisions we agonised over all year and we still have conversations months later about which ending was the right one. The combat was spot on, cities felt alive and even the new cover system fitted in with the rest of what was a very polished and enjoyable experience. Just don’t mention anything about the boss battles?

Join us again tomorrow when we’ll reveal the final penultimate top two.

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    Top 11 of 2011 Part 3

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