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Published on February 6th, 2011

Every week we round up the best articles we’ve seen over the past seven days, but in today’s Something for Sunday, it appears everyone is a bit more uptight than usual. All the better for us though, as the more emotionally charged an author is the better editorial content he or she can come up with, so without further delay let’s check out our favourite articles from the past week.

- When Game Developers Ridicule Each Other…

EA recently released a free to download parody of Activision’s series and even though it was made entirely in jest, was a clear snipe at what is arguably the games industry’s most profitable franchise. This surprising marketing move to promote was undoubtedly the biggest story of the past seven days, but the practice of tactlessly mocking a rival franchise is something we’ve seen before. Tom from gaming blog ‘Calm Down Tom’ investigates examples of this trend from both within and outside our medium and why creative types decide to critique their rivals so aggressively.

- All the : John Carmack

id Software’s technical director is a legend in the games industry, yet nowadays we don’t hear from him as much as many would like and that’s the main reason why this straightforward Q&A has found its way into this weekly spotlight. In this article readers will learn what Mr Carmack thinks of computing, rocketry and even the Wii. There’s nothing particularly angry about this entry, but it does have RAGE in the title so we’ll allow it!

- Are Gamers Angry and Entitled?

Treyarch’s community manager, Josh Olin, made a lot of gamers irate this week by dubbing them "angry" and "entitled" in an interview to promote the first set of DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops. Understandably the comments from ‘Mr Call of Duty’ made considerable ripples in the gaming fraternity and everyone and their dog threw in their two cents on the matter, but no editorial response was more potent or entertaining than this example care of ‘Pixel Apocolypse’. Nathan Schmidt makes some excellent points and wisely questions why these comments would come from a man whose duty it is to serve his franchise’s fan-base.

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