Something for Sunday 3010

Published on October 31st, 2010

Fifa, and the problem with ‘fun’ -

The football season is in full swing and both EA and Sports Interactive’s attempts to emulate the management side of Britain’s favourite sport are about to appear on store shelves, but over the years both Football Manager and FIFA Manager have put greater importance on the simulation aspect. The Guardian’s Jack Arnott investigates whether this has been good or a bad for the niche genre and why fans still have such a great love for the older iterations. One might expect this article to be for lovers of the beautiful game only, but in the wider context it’s really about the greatest question any developer faces when creating a game – realism or fun?

The Evolution of Scary Games -

Well something Halloween related had to sneak its way into this weekly spotlight didn’t it? Games Radar’s Charlie Barrett goes from 1980′s Mystery House to the present day’s Deadly Premonition to evaluate and de-construct what methods games use to scare us and how things have changed over the years. Not only is this article interesting, but it will really make you appreciate just how far our medium has come.

The Future of PC Gaming, according to the Lead Creator of -

All this week Kotaku has published some fascinating articles centred around giving our hobby’s most enduring platform the attention it deserves. Best of which was a guest editorial by Crytek’s CEO Cevat Yerli, who outlined what he believes is the future of PC gaming. Seeing as Crytek created one of the most revered and resource hungry shooters the platform has ever known with Crysis, you’d be forgiven for thinking Mr Yerli would big up future technology, instead he professes support for something entirely different. Undoubtedly worth a read for anyone who wants to know where the PC platform will be in five to ten years.

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