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Published on March 20th, 2011

- First Person

Modders have tried to make the textbook gameplay of Mario into a modern-day first person shooter before but no attempts have been as compelling as this one. Sure to cause motion sickness in even the most stable of gamers, this actually looks very fun. We aren’t sure about the Call of Duty inspired UI, but at the very least this concept proves a first-person Mario is do-able.

- The Early Works of Notch

Proof that nobody gets a hit on their first attempt, this fascinating series of screenshots captured by creator Notch shows what the now millionaire was messing with before he stumbled upon his golden concept. Showcasing eleven projects in total, this blog will give any budding programmer hope in their pursuit of money and fame.


Continuing that spirit of hard work and making games for the love of the craft, this week saw the release of Red Eclipse; a free open source single and multiplayer shooter which you can download for absolutely free. There’s no reason not to give this impressive piece of work a try and best of all it’s actually really fun. We can personally vouch for the validity of this project and it’s certainly worth your time. Enjoy!

As always all of the links for this week’s selections can be found on the right and if you find something worthy of this spotlight on your internet travels don’t hesitate to share it with us by sending an email to

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