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Published on September 25th, 2011

Rebooting any classic game series should always be cause for celebration, as old themes which have long since been dead in the water can suddenly be revived culminating in new experiences with the source material fans love – at least that’s the theory.

Sometimes striking the balance between building a new experience based on an old IP whilst still respecting it and upholding old values seems almost impossible. 2K Marin’s reboot is a fine example of this, as its new FPS mould seems a far cry from the strategic experience Mythos and MicroProse crafted with UFO: Enemy Unknown over a decade a go.

At least that’s what we thought until we saw the game’s first developer diary this week, but we’ll get to that later. In the meantime there are some other articles and videos we want you to clap your eyes, providing some well earned entertainment before you start another work week and granting some overdue kudos to some cracking content.

Real life Light Cycle -

Speaking of reboots! : Legacy was an example of revising, updating and tweaking a beloved franchise in a way that both attracted new fans and kept existing obsessives happy. All that has absolutely nothing to do with this video though, instead it’s an example of some fantastic bike design, as Packer Brothers Custom Choppers has successfully recreated the series’ new Light Cycles in real-life. We have no idea if they are road legal or whether they can even turn affectively, but we’d still love having one of these bad boys in our garage. A word of warning though, some of the adverts on this video’s host website are NSFW.

Culture Minister Wants Game Room in Parliament -

This story is great, mainly because it shows that not every UK politician has an anti-games agenda. So much so that our minister for culture Ed Vaizey would like to see a room entirely dedicated to video games someday in the Houses of Parliament to accompany the bars and other amenities. We can’t see every MP making the most of the new interactive entertainment possibilities, especially the opportunistic Keith Vaz, but it might raise the profile of our medium amongst the big decision makers in our nation. Keep fighting the good fight Ed!

Haunting Pokemon Redesigns

Pokemon are very misunderstood creatures. Sure they make look all cute and cuddly, but some of these tiny monsters have a truly tragic existence and it’s about time their appearance reflected that! Talented concept artist Gavin Mackey has put his own visual flair on some of the acclaimed series most iconic monsters and some of them are actually pretty scary. Take a look at this brilliant post to see just how different this series could have been if it wasn’t helmed by Nintendo.

What is XCom?

The first developer diary for the XCom reboot from 2K Marin is sure to restore your faith in this controversial project. The team talk passionately about their respect for the franchise, the alien invasion setting and how exactly missions will work. The in-game footage looks very interesting, as does the alien technology, and we’re looking forward to seeing more of it in action.

As always if you see anything worthy of a mention in this feature on your internet travels, be sure to send an email to pcgzine@cranberrypublishing.com describing your selection and we’ll give you a shout out to recognise your contribution.

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