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Published on October 2nd, 2011

The biggest news this week was undoubtedly the beta finally arriving on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Gamers everywhere are getting a good taste of the AAA shooter which is going to be released at the end of this month and it shows, as there wasn’t a lot of great community-made content gracing the internet the past five days. Not to worry though, as publishers were more than ready to pick-up the slack:

Syndicate: Reveal Trailer -

EA this week finally unveiled the reboot in development at Starbreeze, not without significant controversy. Many of this franchises’ fans aren’t happy with the new FPS gameplay which replaces the strategic elements this series has always been known for, but this trailer does its job of building up anticipation.

Battlefield 3 Beta: Conquest on Caspian Border

Even though you could be playing the Battlefield 3 beta right now, for some reason DICE are still locking off access to the Caspian Border map. Thankfully one lucky PC owner has put together twenty-three minutes of raw gameplay footage and even though fans will notice some of the old problems still remain, vehicle spawning for instance, it’s great to see jets flying around ab0ve skirmishes on the ground.

RAGE: Jackal Canyon -

Last but not least we have another big autumn release for you, id Software’s . This time next week we’ll all be playing this action-packed apocalyptic shooter, but until then Bethesda has released a new trailer showcasing Jackal Canyon and it looks fantastic. Enemy behaviour seems unpredictable and the weaponry is sure to prove very satisfying to utilise. Check it out! Special thanks to Joystiq for hosting this one.

As always if you see anything worthy of a mention in this feature on your internet travels, be sure to send an email to pcgzine@cranberrypublishing.com describing your selection and we’ll give you a shout out to recognise your contribution.

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