SFS Reckoning Edition

Published on September 11th, 2011

We’re neck deep into the end of the year release rush already and as a result this week has been a little bit quiet on the video front. Not to worry though as we still have three very entertaining morsels for you to chow down on this Sunday afternoon:

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning E3 Footage

We first saw at the beginning of the year and we definitely got the impression that it was going to end up being something very special. Yet despite boasting developers who had previously worked at Bethesda crafting the legendary Elder Scrolls series, the team has been binding their time waiting for the fantasy adventure to be in a polished state before showing it the public and this week that time finally came with two lengthy videos based on their E3 demo. If you have any doubts about what Reckoning is all about, this footage and its successor will set you straight.

Deus Ex Unreal Revolution -
Despite how good Deus Ex: Human Revolution undoubtedly is, there are still fans of the original who are a little bit unhappy with a few modern day concessions the prequel adopted. This hilarious video points some of them out in a truly tongue-in-cheek way, but the way it approaches the issues of pre-order DLC and one-hit kill takedowns definitely provides food for thought.

Gamer Commute -

The last selection this week is completely different to the rest and shows how our perception of the modern world has been completely warped by video games. Only joking! This is another nifty real-world video which features plenty of call outs to titles from gaming’s past and present and is as funny as it’s impressive!

As always if you see anything worthy of a mention in this feature on your internet travels, be sure to send an email to pcgzine@cranberrypublishing.com describing your selection and we’ll give you a shout out to recognise your contribution.

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