SFS PRmageddon Edition

Published on June 19th, 2011

CANVAS Teaser Trailer

If there was one common feeling felt by the games press as a whole at the past E3, it was that the event lacked original experiences, with sequels once again dominating the show-floor and conferences. This week Rock Paper Shotgun alerted our attention to a haunting and very original mod for , dubbed CANVAS. The teaser sports a haunting soundtrack and some very provocative imagery which gives us hope that ingenuity isn’t on the way out in our industry, it’s just getting harder to spot. Where would we be without modders?

GT Academy Winner at Le Mans -

Almost every sim racing fan believes that if they had the money and the time, they could become a professional racing driver – we know we do! Well, thanks to ’s yearly academy initiative more and more dab hands on the controller are getting the opportunity to see if their artificial race-craft can make the transition into the real world. Last week one of the graduates of the programme achieved a podium finish at Le Mans – one of the world’s premier motor racing events. The official Sony EU blog celebrates the achievements of Lucas Ordoez, who has given hope to all those who dream of making the jump into motor sport. We salute you sir!

Duke Nukem Fallout

When it comes to PR 101 threatening those who review your products probably isn’t the best way to go about building good relationships. This week ‘The Redner Group’, who before the release of represented 2K products, chastised professional game reviewers for their “venom” riddled appraisals of the sequel and threatened them with being blacklisted in the future thanks to their alleged mistreatment of the Duke. Ars Technica’s commentary on the controversy was by far the best we read and proved that these kind of tactics, although rare, have been seen before.

We’ll have more selections for you next week, and you can enjoy this week’s highlights by clicking the title of each entry. If you see anything of note on your internet travels, please send us an email at pcgzine@gamerzines.com.

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