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Published on November 6th, 2011

Only one game was on the tip of everybody’s respective tongue this week and that was Grand Theft Auto V. In a typically ballsy style Rockstar released the debut trailer for what has to be the most anticipated game on the planet and even though the finer details are still to be confirmed, that didn’t stop the internet from exploding with speculation.

However there were some other cool videos released over the past seven days and for your convenience we’ve catalogued them right here in this week’s Something for Sunday. How nice are we? So without further ado here are our picks:

GTA V Looks Slightly Better Than San Andreas

It’s been seven years since GTA: San Andreas was released, so it’s about time Rockstar revisited what is arguable most people’s favourite entry in the series. One particular fan has tried to recreate the trailer for using only the tools present in San Andreas and the comparison is surprisingly apt. Although we’re sure the 2004 release didn’t look quite that bad when we played it all those years ago.

LEGO: Halo

Battlefield 3 may currently be everyone’s favourite online pastime, but spare a thought for . The first shooter which truly popularised competitive online play on consoles has been celebrated utilising only LEGO bricks before, but this short trailer gave us a stark reminder of online arenas we haven’t visited for a while now. We don’t miss the trash-talking teenagers occupying servers or the regular humiliation that accompanied a good tea-bagging, yet for some reason we still have the urge to occupy a power suit and head online once more. How bizarre…

Rainbox Six: Patriots

After constant rumour and speculation Ubisoft has finally unveiled the next game in the Rainbox Six series and it looks to be a very sobering experience if this lengthy gameplay demo is anything to go by. The graphics shown in this footage are only target visuals, but still this looks to be a relatively original voice in the increasingly crowded FPS genre.

Hitman: Absolution

Last but certainly not least we have another long gameplay video, only this time supplemented by commentary from IO Interactive’s Christian Elverdam and Tore Blystad. These guys seem very proud of their work on the next game in the beloved Hitman series and frankly we can see why. The new engine offers up far superior visuals to anything seen in the series before and that trademark griefing gameplay style which has won so much acclaim in the past seems more than accounted for. Forget all the speculation about Absolution being a more casual experience – just check out the gameplay footage for yourself and make your own conclusions.

As always if you see anything worthy of a mention in this feature on your internet travels, be sure to send an email to pcgzine@cranberrypublishing.com describing your selection and we’ll give you a shout out to recognise your contribution.

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