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Published on July 10th, 2011

For this week’s Something for Sunday we decided to focus on the talent behind our favourite games, specifically developers. It’s all to easy to enjoy brilliant experiences such as and not wonder what sort of sacrifices have necessitated its arrival.

The Team Bondi Emails

Gamers rarely get an insight into what it takes to craft a AAA blockbuster interactive experience, but this week GI.biz/Eurogamer got unprecedented access to emails between LA Noire’s boss and his employees. As you might expect the communications prove fascinating and highlight the issues associated with crunch time, rough relationships between developers and publishers and some other unsettling findings. This is a must read…

Why Free-to-Play?

More and more upcoming releases are adopting the free-to-play revenue model and even though the profit advantages have already proven, so few developers actually explain exactly why they do it – not Hi-Rez Studios though. This forum Q&A answers most of the common questions gamers may have and got us very excited for what the makers of Global Agenda are going to do with the license.

From Dust: Developer Diary -

This week was finally given a release date and to celebrate Ubisoft has gotten around to explaining exactly what the next game from Flower developer, Thatgamecompany, is all about. Well, we watched the video in question and we still aren’t sure what the hell is going on, but it looks extraordinarily pretty!

BioShock: Infinite Gameplay Demo -

The next game from the charismatic Ken Levine won most of the plaudits at this year’s E3, but frustratingly only a few snippets of gameplay footage were shown to the public. This week that all changed as Irrational Games and 2K released an unadulterated fifteen minutes of jaw-dropping gameplay footage which included everything us journalists had been banging on about for the longest time including Elizabeth, time-phasing, Sky-Hooks, and some very intriguing politically motivated incidents. Check it out!

All of the links for this week’s selections are shown above and to the right. If you see anything worthy of a mention in this feature on your internet travels, be sure to send us an email describing your selection to pcgzine@cranberrypublishing.com and we’ll give you a shout out to recognise your contribution.

See you next week…

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