SfS Challenge Accepted

Published on July 3rd, 2011

Sometimes putting this weekly segment together is harder than one might think.

It isn’t that there isn’t enough to cover, but often the quality of the submissions we have to sort through really makes our heads spin and today we’ve got some fantastic selections for you.

More Fake DMM with Physboxes 2 -

First up we’re going to start things a little slow and take a look at some excellent mod work with Source SDK. Prospective developer ‘robinx’ has been working on implementing destructibility into ’s engine for sometime, and as his latest video attests great progress is being made. The tech still can’t involve players taking down entire buildings but walls, windows and doorways are all fair game. This could have fantastic implementation for multiplayer gaming – imagine being able to blow away a rival’s cover in Source!

Real life replica of De-Dust -
Speaking of the world’s finest multiplayer experience (yeah we said it), Kotaku has brought our attention to the work of Aram Bartholl who in the past has brought all manner of different video game hallmarks into the real world, and now the German artist is working on recreating the classic Counterstrike map De_Dust. Why does he want to do this? Well, it’s all about conveying how gamers master artificial 3D spaces and how success is governed by how familiar they are with an area. This familiarity is a new form of “cultural heritage” and it should be celebrated due to it’s “high density of team play with repetitive endless variations”. Blimey! And we just thought it was a playground for shooting people…

12 Minutes of Batman: Arkham City -
Why certain publishers and/or developers have an incessant need to punctuate game footage with commentary and talking heads to promote their particular wares is a trend which regularly makes our heads scratch. If you’re confident of your game’s prowess just show some gameplay and make us judge it for ourselves. Thankfully Rocksteady and Warner Bros. did just that earlier this week when they released over twelve minutes of raw Batman: Arkham City footage and wouldn’t you just know it? Batman’s next adventure looks absolutely fantastic!

William Fairfield on Designing the Dungeons -

Every MMO has dungeons – good and bad – but gamers rarely hear about how they are put together or what steps are taken to ensure they are a worthwhile and fun addition to the game at large. We were fortunate enough to meet a large portion of ArenaNet earlier this week and their passion for developing cannot be underestimated. This developer blog is the latest in their long-running series associated with the hyped up MMO sequel and it goes into minute detail of how the team puts instances together and what challenges need to be met when you’re designing an experience without the traditional healer, tank and DPS archetypes.

All of the links for this week’s selections are shown above and to the right. If you see anything worthy of a mention in this feature on your internet travels, be sure to send us an email describing your selection to pcgzine@cranberrypublishing.com and we’ll give you a shout out to recognise your contribution.

Until next week…

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    SfS Challenge Accepted

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