SFS Best of E3 2011 Edition

Published on June 11th, 2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Opening Cinematic –

Another E3, another fantastic trailer for BioWare’s MMO based on the Star Wars Universe, only this time the CGI footage was from the project’s opening cinematic – in its entirety. Needless to say it’s only representative of the action inherent in the subscription game, but it still overloading our excitement metre. Keep an ear out for what sounds like John DiMaaggio voicing the smuggler. Now if only we had a release date we’d know how long we’d have to wait until this MMO launches.

Zelda: 25th Anniversay Celebration

Nintendo stole the show with their WiiU announcement this week, but instead of showing more footage of people fumbling around with the controller we decided to go with a retrospective trailer, documenting how the Zelda franchise has evolved over the past quarter of a century. Nintendo’s legacy is legendary already, but seeing the creative talent discuss what Link et al means to them provides fantastic viewing.

Wii U Song

The announcement from the ‘Big N’ was very exciting, but it did stimulate a few questions in our minds. Thankfully this video made us realise we weren’t the only ones who were scratching their heads, although are queries weren’t quite as melodic as this fan-made video. Stop reading this and go watch it. This will get stuck in your head, you’ve been forewarned.

Far Cry 3

The surprise appearance of this sequel was one of the moments of our collective E3. No just an announcement but 8 minutes of unadulterated gameplay footage. Certainly nothing to be sniffed at.

Battlefield 3

This year’s E3 was perhaps more sequel heavy than we would like, but when it came to rivalries there was battle everyone was talking about – Battlefield vs Modern Warfare. EA and Activision, two of the industry’s biggest publishers, were looking to out do each other in any way they could and in our minds won all the plaudits. Here’s the game in action, on PC of course…

As always we’ll have more selections for you next week, and if you see anything of note on your internet travels please send us an email at pcgzine@gamerzines.com

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