Games to spend Halloween with

Published on October 29th, 2010

Are you looking to celebrate Halloween, but don’t have any plans? Is your Skeleton costume all laid out for trick or treating but you don’t have any body to go with? Not to worry! GamerZines has listed the five best games to celebrate Halloween with which includes a two MMOs, two first person shooters and a very special downloadable treat.


Hi-Rez Studios’ MMO isn’t one that typically gets a lot of attention in the genre, but their Halloween offering is genuinely interesting. Only open to players who have a level 30 character, the spooky holiday is being celebrated by a special 10-man PvE mission where combatants need to defend an appropriately themed facility against waves of NPC attackers. Random drops include thirteen different mask designs as well as the standard weapon drops.

Not only is Valve’s zombie shooter available for less than half price at the moment, but also the long awaited Dawn before Dead mod has been released just in time for Halloween. Based on the feature film Dawn of the Dead, this officially recognised map pack takes place in an abandoned shopping centre and can be played in regular campaign and competitive multiplayer modes. There’s nothing specifically Halloween related about this entry per se, however that doesn’t change the fact aht there’s nothing quite like covering your mates in bile on a Saturday night, but it’s usually best to save those times for when you’re playing as a Boomer online.

Few MMOs celebrate Halloween as well as NCSoft’s Guild Wars with the seasonal takeover not only includes new missions, skins and environments but the community puts on some of the best events around. Lion’s Arch, Droknar’s Forge, Kamadan, Jewel of Istan and Tomb of the Primeval Kings outposts have all been kitted out in spooky paraphernalia for at least a week now, but on the day there will be several special events hosted by some of the biggest guilds around to dispense out thousands of Halloween items including fireworks, transmogrifying potions and special costumes. All of the events have been handily collated on Guild Wars official website linked on the right and conclude with the arrival of the pumpkin headed Mad King’s arrival.

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Valve on this list again! Damn those Washington scoundrels, they know exactly how to get into the spirit. Thanks to an entirely free update players can enjoy a new spookily themed map, an assortment of seasonal headgear and a new mechanic in the TF2 universe, a CPU controlled boss character named The Horseless Headless Horsemann who invades servers at random intervals to add even more carnage to the capture point based gameplay.


Tim Schafer’s Double Fine gets a lot of love on the internet and for good reason as their latest effort is an absolutely delight, successfully channelling the real sentiments of Halloween, sweets and costumes. Following the tried and tested JRPG format, players control pre-pubescent children in their efforts to save their town from a monster infestation on the night of Halloween whilst dressed up in their favourite costumes. It’s quaint, adorable and great fun which will transform even the sternest critic of this special holiday into a new fan.

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    Games to spend Halloween with

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