WildStar to Launch 2013

Published on February 6th, 2013

NCSoft reveals lots of new info about Carbine Studios debut MMO.

WildStar to Launch 2013

Visually is different to any other MMORPG out there.

Last week in an unassuming conference hall in Brighton, NCSoft and Carbine Studios gave select members of the gaming press a detailed look at WildStar. The sci-fi MMORPG was first announced way back in 2011, but since then details have been rather hard to come by regarding Carbine Studios’ debut game, but thankfully that ends today. Due to embargos we can’t reveal absolutely everything we saw at the event, but we can share with you the following choice chunks.

First off, WildStar will launch late 2013. Carbine Studios were keen to point out that a lot of work still needs to be done on the game and that really it’ll be “done when it’s done”, but they are aiming to release their work at some point this year.

The second big revelation was that since its first unveiling, Carbine Studios has completely overhauled the combat system for WildStar, with the target-based system dropped to support a new “more alive” system where every attack regardless of long or short range has an area of effect which will damage all enemies within that radius whether a player has targetted them or not. Attack radius is telegraphed by coloured elements surrounding the character, similar to the one’s employed by bosses in Funcom’s The Secret World, so the player knows exactly what attacks will harm which enemies.

Thirdly Carbine are aiming to produce frequent updates to WildStar post-release. Executive producer, Jeremy Gaffney extolled the successes of Eastern developers updating their games on a month-to-month and even week-to-week basis. Carbine are looking to emulate this model as much as possible while maintaining their values with regards to quality and polish.

WildStar to Launch 2013

The Exiles are the good faction, but their morality isn't forced down the player's throat.

End-game content will play a huge roll in extending the longevity of WildStar. Players will be able to take part in traditional PvP, in addition to designing their own battlegrounds dubbed, ‘Warplots’. Functioning much like player housing, players will be able to design their own Warplots by moving around enemies and scenery, and challenge others to tackle their own design in the quickest time.

Raid content will be aimed at big groups and will subtly change every week to ensure players think about the challenges in front of them, rather than just following an online wiki. Enemy numbers will change, boss attack patterns will cycle, puzzles will be inserted and taken out etc. The executive producer even stated that “he wants the best players in the world to play WildStar.”

Carbine Studios also explained their ‘Path’ system in more detail, which ties directly into the character creation process in addition to class and race choices. The Path choices are split into four – Scientist, Settler, Soldier, and Explorer – and this choice governs what players can interact with on the Nexus planet. Explorer’s can map out new routes for players and discover underground quick paths around a zone, whereas a soldier gets access to new skirmish missions and battles other paths may not. More information about the Explorer path can be seen below:

Last but not least, the lead narrative designer for WildStar Chad Moore also took to the stage to explain WildStar’s sci-fi premise in more detail. Essentially the game’s two competing factions, Exile and Dominion, are racing to the planet Nexus in order to investigate the remnants of an advanced yet extinct alien race known as the Elder. Nobody knows how exactly this race was wiped out by Chad strongly alluded to the fact that all is not quite as it seems – it barely is.

Additionally Carbine also explained a bit more about the rebellious Exile faction with race choices ranging from humans, to the strong yet stubborn Granok, the nature-loving Aurin, and an unrevealed race which Carbine wouldn’t tell us about no matter how much we begged and pleaded. You can learn more info about the Exile faction by checking the video below:

Apologies for the segmented breakdown of all this new information, but we didn’t want you to miss out on anything important. Next week we’ll have a more traditional, detailed hands-on preview of WildStar as we explore the dragon-laden starter zone of Deradune. Don’t miss it!


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    WildStar to Launch 2013

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