Play RIFT for Free This Weekend

Published on September 13th, 2012

Trion Worlds tempting new players and old alike to head to Telera.

To celebrate the hefty amount of new content heading to RIFT via the new ‘Calm before the Storm’ update, Trion Worlds has announced that new players and lapsed subscribers can play the subscription MMORPG for free this weekend.

Servers will be open to all from September 14th -16th,  with players able to a new instant adventure, the autumn festival and the all new ability to quest, fight and explore with competing factions. To begin your enrolment/enrolment visit RIFT’s official website.

This generosity is also an effort to get former and new players involved with RIFT in preparation for the game’s first expansion, Storm Legion, which is out this November.

Here’s a very flashy trailer to show you what it’s all about…



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    Play RIFT for Free This Weekend

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