TERA Launches Today

Published on May 3rd, 2012

European servers live from 11am.

TERA Launches Today

Time to try a new breed of MMORPG.

Hear that MMO fans? That’s the sound of another massive release entering the online arena and its name is .

Bluehole Studio’s imaginative fantasy MMORPG, which has been optimised and regionalised for a European audience by Frogster, finally launches today with servers going live at 11am BST.

We previewed the distinctly Korean experience in the latest issue of MMOZine where we praised its imaginative creature design and interesting reticule-based combat which does away with auto-targeting altogether, enabling players to engage with their enemies rather than just seeing them as stumbling blocks in the way of progress. This is one of the few subscription-only MMOs out there that’s willing to do something other than follow the template Blizzard honed with World of Warcraft all those years ago, with the ability for players to run for major and manage their own settlements in-game, certainly apt seeing as it’s ‘Local Election Day’ here in the UK, and a PvP arena which has a fully functional betting system.

We’ll have a detailed critique TERA in the next issue of MMOZine, but before then expect detailed insights regarding the game’s launch over the coming days.



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    TERA Launches Today

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