Buy RIFT: Storm Legion for 25% Off Today

Published on December 20th, 2012

Snap up the bulky expansion at a cheaper price for the next 24 hours.

Buy RIFT: Storm Legion for 25% Off Today

was one of the best expansions released for any MMORPG this year, according to MMOZine.

Trion Worlds has announced that RIFT’s massive expansion Storm Legion can be snapped up for 75% of the usual cost over the next 24 hours.

Storm Legion adds two continents to RIFT, both of which feature new quests, dungeons, instant adventures, dimensions, new souls and dynamic world events. However the expansion’s stand out feature is the addition of player housing, which allows players to customise their own dimensions and invite their friends over to admire their work.

To grab the expansion at a reduced cost, simply visit Trion World’s official store. The regular edition is currently available for £18.64 for current subscribers and £26.24 for new players, in addition the special edition can also be snapped up for £ 26.24  or £ 33.74 respectively.

If these offers sound like music to your ears, you’d better hurry as they’re set to expire by 12pm EST.


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    Buy RIFT: Storm Legion for 25% Off Today

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