The Secret World Double AP Event Announced

Published on May 3rd, 2013

The Golden Weekend brings double Ability Points, additional Funcom Points and free membership months.

Funcom has announced a new event to encourage players to return to the one time fee MMORPG this weekend.

They’re calling it the ‘Golden Weekend’ and the event offers players the chance to earn Ability Points at double the standard rate, and any purchase of Funcom Points will be automatically rewarded a 30% bonus for no extra cost.

The Secret World Double AP Event Announced

The Secret World's occult setting gives it a different flavour to the vast majority of MMORPGs.

Festivities begin on today (Friday, 3rd May) at 2pm BST and will last until Sunday, 5th May.

“There are awesome bonuses for everybody this weekend. It is an excellent opportunity for new players to try out The Secret World, getting a flying start with earning double Ability Points and $15 worth of Bonus Points to buy handy boosts, extra content or cool outfits,” reads a post on The Secret World’s official website.

The Secret World is definitely one of the more original MMORPGs out there, boasting a modern setting, a classless progression system and an emphasis on storytelling rather than grind. If you’re a fan of this genre or fancy something different from the status quo, we strongly urge you to give Funcom’s latest release a try.


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    The Secret World Double AP Event Announced

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