Next Star Wars: The Old Republic Update Announced

Published on March 5th, 2012
Next Star Wars: The Old Republic Update Announced

"This isn't the update you're looking for..."

Update 1.2, dubbed ‘Legacy’, will bring a lot of improvements.

BioWare has announced that the long-discussed ‘Legacy’ system, which allows gamers to link their characters to an evolving family tree, will go live in the next update which is scheduled to hit servers next month.

The system will unlock new abilities, character species, mailbox privileges as well as other benefits.

Update 1.2 will also add a new Flashpoint, an Operation and an additional Warzone, as well as Guild Banks, PvP rankings and the ability for players to customise the interface to their liking.

This information was released during Star Wars: The Old Republic’s first annual Guild Summit which kicks off today and is live streamed for the benefit of those who aren’t lucky enough to be in Austin in person.

To check out the stream and the schedule of events planned, please follow this link.

The show runs until 6.00pm CST, so there’s still plenty of time for more revelations….


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    Next Star Wars: The Old Republic Update Announced

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