Star Wars: The Old Republic Free-to-Play Restrictions Revealed

Published on October 17th, 2012

Full access to class stories, but access to Flashpoints and Space Missions is restricted.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Free to Play Restrictions Revealed

"Excuse me sir, do you have a license for that purple loot?"

Taking any MMO from subscription-only to free-to-play is an absolute minefield. Give free players too much and existing subscribers feel marginalised, restrict too many gameplay aspects and those not willing to offer up any of their money dub your game ‘Pay to Win’.

BioWare’s approach regarding free-to-play comes somewhere in the middle, as they’ve announced exactly what free players can and cannot do when Star Wars: The Old Republic embraces the no pay model next month.

Here’s the list:

  • Full access to class story content from level 1-50
  • Limited character creation options
  • No Operations
  • Limited to three Warzones per week
  • Limited to three Flashpoints per week
  • Limited to three Space Missions per week
  • Cargo Hold space is restricted
  • One Crew Skill
  • Longer Quick Travel cooling period
  • No access to Emergency Fleet Pass
  • Revive at the nearest med centre a total of 5 times in the field.
  • No priority log-in status
  • Cannot equip most purple items

Obviously all of these restrictions can be bypassed either by using the in-game store or continuing to subscribe. There are some rather unsettling restrictions in here though, especially that revive limit as we died a lot during our Smuggler playthrough, but then you have to remember that the biggest strength of Star Wars: The Old Republic has always been its class stories and every player can enjoy those from beginning to end for absolutely free.

That’s something that BioWare could have easily tried to monetise, a la Lord of the Rings Online, but instead they’re keeping their strongest content available for all to see without spending a penny.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is expected to go free-to-play next month. We recommend you book some time off and sample the Imperial Agent storyline, it’s a doozy!


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    Star Wars: The Old Republic Free to Play Restrictions Revealed

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    1. Posted by Sway on December 5th, 2012, 05:20

      There are plenty of more annoying restrictions that have to go. It’s bad enough the game has to pop up and remind you if you were a subscriber or had the cash to spare on the Cartel Market for every little thing. Making players feel like second class citizens such as:
      Can not send mail or trade to other players.
      A cooldown time to chat in general chat.(Stupid especially in RP-Server)
      Slower EXP Gain/Valor Gain
      You have to pay more in general for common in game items.
      Can’t craft don’t have the room or space or crew.
      Have to pay to even use a Title? What’s the harm of showing a title? I’ve read that Legacy System requires tons of credits that go beyond the 200k credit cap.Perhaps if they lowered the outrageous prices they wouldn’t be having the goldspammers issues in the first place. Cheaper items less reasons why people wouldn’t be so desperate to buy gold.
      The game is pretty and the storyline is spectacular. If they could do away with some of these restrictions I wouldn’t mind forking out some cash for my gaming experience.
      For PVP I’m not really into PVP at all but since I haven’t gone that far in the game I can not comment on that.
      Over all the game lacks a community feel and needs to figure out a way to get players to feel less lonely when it’s MMORPG not an RPG.
      People need more reasons to trade with one another and talk or join a Guild.

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