Star Wars: The Old Republic Team hit by Layoffs

Published on May 23rd, 2012

BioWare Austin “restructuring” according to a statement by Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka.

In what is somewhat surprising news depending on your point of view, BioWare Austin has announced that they’re in the process of “restructuring” the Star Wars: The Old Republic team.

In game development terms it isn’t unusual to let go of some staffers after a big project has launched, but seeing as TOR is an MMORPG it was expected that BioWare Austin would remain at full capacity until a few more updates were implemented to the subscription-only game. It seems that isn’t the case:

“Hey folks, since you’re reading this you may likely have heard that we’ve done some restructuring here on the SWTOR team. Sadly, we are bidding farewell to some talented, passionate and exceptionally hard-working people who helped make SWTOR a reality. Impacting people’s lives this way is always very hard, but we’re ensuring the affected people are treated with dignity, fairness and respect,” reads a typically emotive joint-statement from Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka.

“Looking back at launch, we all came together and did something historic. We executed one of the largest, most successful and stable launches of any MMO yet in industry history. That is not an easy feat for any development team or company and we are humbled and honored by our fan community’s strong support both at launch and beyond.”

“Looking forward, the studio remains vibrant and passionate about our many upcoming initiatives for Star Wars: The Old Republic. We still have a very substantial development team working on supporting and growing the game, and we feel we are in a strong position, with your continued involvement and feedback, to continue to build Star Wars: The Old Republic as one of the most compelling and successful online experiences in the world today. There are many strong initiatives planned for cool new content and new features that we’re excited to tell you about in the upcoming weeks and months.”

“Rest assured that we remain dedicated to delivering a high quality service in SWTOR to you, our fans, and we will continue to support and grow Star Wars: The Old Republic over the weeks, months and years to come.”

Unfortunately it’s unknown how many developers have been given their marching orders, but for the founders of BioWare to make a public statement GamerZines understands the numbers are significant.

Incidentally a new trailer was released yesterday to preview the forthcoming 1.3 update and you can see it below.

It’s always a shame to hear about passionate individuals being let go and we wish all those affected the best of luck in finding new work.


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    Star Wars: The Old Republic Team hit by Layoffs

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