Raise City of Steam’s Profile, Get Closed Beta Bonuses

Published on November 5th, 2012

The Steam-O-Meter shows all!

Mechanist Games has launched a rather ingenious way of raising the online profile of their browser-based MMORPG, .

Raise City of Steams Profile, Get Closed Beta Bonuses

City of Steam seems much more ambitious than regular browser-based MMOs.

Whenever wannabe players snap up a pre-order pack (granting a myriad of bonuses shown here), register on the game’s official website or interact with City of Steam’s various social activity on Facebook or Twitter they’ll add new points to a Steam-O-Meter which indicates what new content will be added to the forthcoming Closed Beta whenever a new points threshold is met.

The bonuses range from Powered Gauntlets, new dungeons, unique racial clothing, a new playable race, and a pretty gnarly steam-punk bike. Currently the tally is sitting at over 500,000 points, but with the goal for the various aforementioned goals being reached towards the final tally of 4,000,000.

Self-promotion is something most free-to-play MMORPGs struggle with, especially when trying to establish a new universe, but it’s good to see that at least one developer out there is trying to do something different.

Kudos to you Mechanist Games!


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    Raise City of Steams Profile, Get Closed Beta Bonuses

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