Line of Defense

Published on March 4th, 2012

Online warfare on an unprecedented scale.

Line of Defense

Take your place in a persistent war online.

What’s the story?

Despite the flurry of MMO first-person shooters heading to our rigs over the next year, there’s never been a game which has successfully delivered on the premise of hundreds of soldiers and vehicles all facing off against each other on 100-kilometre wide battlefields in order to determine a common victor. The promise of uninstanced PvP on a grand scale is something few developers have ever tried to tackle, yet 3000AD are looking to do exactly that with the free-to-play sci-fi MMO, .

How will it work?

Basically battles will be orchestrated on giant 16km by 16km continents, with two factions tasked with fighting to capture and own three different bases at any one time. Each battle and map will be persistent, so not only will the battle evolve naturally over time, but players can make a lasting impression on the battlefield by deploying defensive turrets, bases and even player housing. We haven’t learned the details of how the economy will work, but there will be tons of different weapons, vehicles and attachments to help your team.

Line of Defense

Guns and mechs; the perfect combination for any MMO experience

An XP-based progression system will feature, unlocking new vehicles and equipment for procurement whenever a player reaches a new combat threshold. That said, even newbies will be able to take down an established veteran, as base level units will still be very powerful. There’s even the ability to purchase AI team-mates to fight alongside you if your real friends aren’t up to the task.

When do we get more?

Your guess is as good as ours. A lot of LoD’s features tend to pose more questions than they answer, and 3000AD still haven’t revealed how many players will be able to play on a single server. No matter, we’re still excited to see how this intriguing venture plays out and aesthetically at least the MMOFPS seems on the right track.

For more detailed First Look on Line of Defense, check out the latest issue of MMOZine.


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    Line of Defense

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