Paragon Studios Answering all City of Heroes Lore Questions

Published on October 26th, 2012

Find out what was really going on in Preatoria and why Statesman was really killed off.

With every day that passes it’s looking increasingly likely that won’t be saved before it’s prematurely put out of service on November 30th, but that doesn’t mean Paragon Studios are not doing everything they can to make that blow a bit easier for fans to take.

Paragon Studios Answering all City of Heroes Lore Questions

Do you want to know what would've happened to all these guys, the ones that aren't dead that is, check out the threads!

On the game’s official forums, the team has been hosting a Lore AMA (Ask Me Anything thread) with Matt Miller, John Hegner, Jeff Hamilton, Sean McCann, Ryan Greene and Tim Sweeney all answering any lingering questions have regarding the game’s universe.

Do you want to know what was really going on with the Rikti all those years? Check out the thread. Do you want an answer to the constant speculation that the plot was in-fast heading to a massive conflict in a moon base? Check the thread.

The subjects covered are as numerous as they are diverse and include some interesting titbits on the design limitations placed on Paragon Studios. Handily all of the answers have been collected into a Google doc which can be accessed via the forum thread, linked here.

Nobody is happy that City of Heroes is being put out service early, but at least Paragon are answering questions fans have been asking for since the game was launched. Despite the majority of Paragon Studios being laid off earlier this month, they’re still managing to take the time to answer fan queries. They sure are a classy collective…


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    Paragon Studios Answering all City of Heroes Lore Questions

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