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Published on December 16th, 2010

It’s that time of year again, in Azeroth, when Greatfather Winter and the fine folks of Smokywood Pastures pay us all a visit in the , bringing gifts for all and a series of fun quests.

From the 15th of December, until the 2nd of January, the Feast of Winter Veil is live on all WoW servers, featuring the usual quests from saving Metzen the Reindeer to locating the missing Smokywood Pastures shipments.

For those achievement hunters out there, the Feast of Winter Veil has its own set of achievements to earn, which all count towards the ‘What a Long, Strange Trip it’s Been’ meta achievement for the Violet Proto Drake.

If you’re yet to complete this achievement, it’s time to get in the festive spirit, stick on a Winter Veil hat and ride /kiss those revellers.

Winter Veil boss events have been activated in the LFG tool for those looking to get the winter hats, and can be found in the following dungeons:

Winter Veil bosses of Northrend:

*Grand Magus Telestra (The Nexus) – Red Winter Hat
*Jedoga Shadowseeker (Ahn’Kahet: The Old Kingdom) – Red Winter Hat
*Mage-Lord Urom (The Oculus) – Green Winter Hat

Winter Veil bosses

*Deadmines (Heroic) – Admiral Ripsnarl
*The Stone Core (Normal Heroic) – High Priestess Azil
*Blackrock Caverns (Normal Heroic) – Corla, Herald of Twilight
*Shadowfang Keep (Heroic) – Lord Godfrey
*Grim Batol (Normal Heroic) – Drahga Shadowburner

Now, it wouldn’t be Winter Veil without some traditional gift-giving, and this year is no exception.

From the 25th of December, until the 2nd of January, players will be able to open a number of presents from beneath the decorated trees in Ogrimmar and Ironforge.

Don’t worry, there’s enough to go around for everybody!

Happy holidays!

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    WoW Winter Veil

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