Tribes Different from Global A

Published on November 10th, 2010

’ Todd Harris has revealed during an interview with Lore Hound that even though Universe and involve squad based combat in an MMO environment, both games will be entirely different from one another.

"No – Tribes Universe is going to be a very different type of game from Global Agenda," explained the executive producer.

"Here at the studio a group of us have been regularly playing basketball after work. A few weeks ago we started playing football as well per request of Ramon – concept artist and weekend warrior. We now have some people who prefer basketball, some who prefer football and most of us actually play both.

"Similarly GA and T:U are entirely different games with different focus areas and will appeal to different audiences. GA will continue to focus on class-based, smaller squad combat and T:U is going in a very different direction."

So there you have it Global Agenda and Tribes Universe will both feature balls and sweaty men, yet will offer entirely different gameplay experiences. That’s what we’re supposed to determine from that analogy right?

Tribes Universe enters the alpha testing phase next year, with Global Agenda continually being supported with expansions and patches for the foreseeable future.

To read the rest of the interview, please follow the link on the right.

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    Tribes Different from Global A

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