TOR Fastest Growing MMO

Published on February 2nd, 2012

During a recent quarterly financial report, EA has revealed exactly how successful Star Wars: The Old Republic has been up to this point, with CEO John Riccitiello claiming that BioWare’s gargantuan MMO is “the fastest growing subscription MMO in history.”

“At the end of the quarter we launched Star Wars: The Old Republic recording strong initial results with this very important digital service. Two million people have purchased the game – from our retail partners and via direct digital downloads on our Origin system,” revealed Mr Riccitiello.

“This great launch makes Star Wars: The Old Republic the fastest growing subscription MMO in history. We’re incredibly pleased to see this great game from BioWare off to a very strong start.”

EA cited TOR’s server stability as a major component of its success and explained that in MMO terms the smooth launch was a massive achievement.

“Our Star Wars launch was more successful than we anticipated. During the course of December, server performance and stability exceeded our expectations, allowing us to make more product available to our consumers at launch and through the end of the December quarter. To date, we have sold through more than 2 million units,”explained EA’s CFO Eric Brown.

Nearly 40% of those copies were sold via EA’s digital rival to Steam, Origin.

Now all that’s well and good, but how many players have stumped up a subscription fee after the initial 30 day trial period offered with every copy of the game?

“Let me offer some metrics on purchase and subscription that will help you understand this business. As John stated, we have sold through two million units of the game since December. We currently have a little over 1.7 million active subscribers. The rest have either not started playing yet or have opted out,” explained EA vice president, Frank Gibeau.

Losing 300,000 potential subscribers may sound substantial, but for an MMO that’s just launched that retention figure isn’t too bad – at least EA don’t seem to be worried.

Mr Gibeau also outlined average playing habits for Star Wars: The Old Republic. He explained that unique log-ins are averaging about one million per day and the average playing time is four hours per day. Thanks Frank!

Last month the LA Times speculated that BioWare’s debut MMO cost $200 million to develop and even though that figure places Star Wars: The Old Republic as one of the most expensive projects to ever hit that market, it appears EA are well on the way to recouping their substantial investment.


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    TOR Fastest Growing MMO

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    1. Posted by john doe jr on July 3rd, 2014, 20:32

      maybe back in 2012 it may have been considered a fast growing game, but EA pushed the panic button and the game since then went completely down hill cartel markets, gimmicks to get players back almost no phone support at all I should know tried calling them many times and all EA is interested is about the all mighty dollar quit the game back in march of 2014 and not really looking back

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