TERA Sneak Peek Cancelled

Published on February 7th, 2012

Last week we dispensed 200 beta keys for readers to get involved in ’s Sneak Peek weekend, but unfortunately the preview event didn’t go as well as planned.

Only a couple of hours after servers opened on Saturday, many players began to complain that they couldn’t log into their account and subsequently access the game’s client. Servers soon grounded to a halt and Frogster, the European publisher of TERA, found their Twitter account flooded with queries from disappointed fans.

“The sneak peek event planned for this weekend unfortunately has had to be cancelled,” wrote Frogster on TERA’s official website Sunday evening.

“As we currently cannot foresee when we will be able to guarantee a smooth running of the event, there is no new date as of yet. We’re working closely with the TERA developers at Bluehole to fix the remaining issues.”

According to the statement it wasn’t the substantial number of new players which led to this event’s issues but “problems” associated with players entering the game world. As you’d expect these gremlins were entirely unanticipated and Bluehole Studio, with Frogster, are currently investigating the issues which led to this event’s downfall.

As one of the preview key distributors we’d like to offer our apologies to those who secured access to the Sneak Peek event to only be let down by server gremlins.

Launching an MMORPG is always difficult and to a certain extent these issues are part and parcel of any game pre-launch.

Regardless we’ll make sure that we keep you in the loop regarding future TERA events and we hope you’ll be able to jump on servers sooner rather than later.


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    TERA Sneak Peek Cancelled

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