Team Ranked Warzones Added to SWTOR

Published on June 20th, 2012

Star Wars: The Old Republic gets new PvP functionality.

Team Ranked Warzones Added to SWTOR

Queue it up Sam!

BioWare has announced that Team Ranked Warzones have been reintroduced to Star Wars:: The Old Republic – that is if you’re playing on the Public Test Server.

All other servers are unaffected, but the arrival of the new functionality on the test server does should mean this functionality is added in the next update for the MMORPG.

Up to eight players can team up and join a PvP queue and after the match is over they’ll stay together to tackle another similarly matched squad. This kind of functionality is vital to foster the kind of competitive PvP scene that BioWare wants for Star Wars: The Old Republic, and should allow it to become even more popular.

Supplementing this new functionality is a new queuing system which allows teams or individual players to make themselves available for ranked and unranked warzones simultaneously, as well as independently, which means there shouldn’t be any reason for players to languish on servers waiting for matches needlessly.

This new functionality is detailed in full on SWTOR’s official website and we urge you to check it out.



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    Team Ranked Warzones Added to SWTOR

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