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Published on January 25th, 2012

Paragon Studios’ Matt Miller has revealed that he was “blown away” by the sheer number of new and returning players to when the comic-book inspired MMO went free-to-play late last year.

Unfortunately the game’s lead designer wouldn’t be pressed on population numbers or percentage increases, but it would be fair to say that he seemed incredibly excited about City of Heroes’ future.

“It has simply been an amazing time for City of Heroes. We don’t publish our numbers, but suffice it to say we were blown away with not only the incredible number of VIP subscribers we have, but also in the sheer amount of new and returning players,” Miller explained.

“I think one of the reasons we’re now seeing so many new players is the new Paragon Rewards program we launched with Freedom. It’s allowed even non-subscribers to receive some of our best in-game rewards, just for playing the game. We’ve really broadened the idea of what a free game can be to a lot of people.”

It’s worth noting that numbers alone aren’t enough to make an online-only game profitable, but Matt’s declaration of the “incredible number” of VIP subscribers certainly bodes well for the future of this MMO, which was originally published in 2004.

For the record free players can level up either their hero or villain up to level 50, play in 45 different game zones, select from 8 different character archetypes, and enjoy over 1,000 missions. That’s certainly enough content to keep most MMO players going for an exceedingly long time and that’s not counting the new powersets, signature story-arcs, and costume pieces Paragon sells via the in-game store.

We’ll publish the full interview with Matt Miller in the next issue of MMOZine which will be released Thursday, February 2nd.


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    Paragon Blown Away CoH Free

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