New WoW Community Site

Published on November 5th, 2010

With the release of : only a month away now, are making the final preparations to launch a brand new community website.

A live preview of the new website has been launched this week for the intended design, and Blizzard are asking for feedback from the community for the new site.

"Many exciting changes are coming to World of Warcraft with the upcoming Cataclysm expansion, both in-game and out. We’re excited to offer you an early look at the new World of Warcraft community site, which will soon become the prime gathering spot and source of information for players on the web.

As you’re exploring your future home, keep in mind that this is a live preview, and not all of the new features are ready quite yet. We want your feedback about the look and feel of the new site, so while you’re browsing, we encourage you to submit bug reports and make feature requests let your voice be heard. Go ahead. Check it out!"

To have a look at the new community website, follow the link on the right of this page.

Currently, only US players are able to log in to the new community site, but there are no restrictions to browse the content.

There is no word yet on when/if a live preview of the site will make its way to the EU community.

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    New WoW Community Site

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