New Direction FF XIV

Published on November 25th, 2011

Today Square Enix has announced how they plan to secure the future of the struggling MMO, Final Fantasy XIV, in an official statement to the community.

The game’s producer/director, Naoki Yoshida, has confirmed that the unbilled period will end for the MMO either “late November or “early December” and the auto-renew option will be disabled in order to not unduly charge those who don’t want to carry on their involvement with the game.

Speaking of which Final Fantasy XIV is in the process of being dramatically overhauled in all its core areas. The statement and its supported documents outline a litany of changes ranging from the user interface, AI behaviour, battle style, locales, items and even the main campaign. In addition Square Enix has also released a bunch of new concept art in order to support this new direction.

“In the ten months since the Final Fantasy XIV team’s restructuring, we have put forth the utmost effort into not only improving the game’s existing features, but also creating a concrete plan to outline the game’s new direction. Today, I am pleased to announce we can confidently present that plan to our customers,” read a statement issued by Square Enix’s CEO and president, President Yoichi Wada.

“We fully realize this is but a single step towards our ultimate goal, and that to meet the high standards set in the plan, more time is required. In the meantime, however, we will not waver in our commitment to bringing players exciting and engaging content, even as the game moves through its evolution.”

After FF XIV’s disastrous launch many believed Square Enix would just let the game soldier on with only the most hardcore of fans to support, but instead the Japanese publisher/developer has reinvested to make sure the game offers something new and different in the MMO space.

Now whether they can achieve that with this 2.0 relaunch is another matter entirely, but they seem to be making all the right noises.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on how this MMO evolves in the future, as we suspect there’s big changes afoot.


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    New Direction FF XIV

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