Published on October 27th, 2011

had an encouraging launch in the UK last month, but one genre is entirely missing from the cloud gaming service, the MMO. However in a recent interview with OnLiveFans, the service’s VP of games and media has revealed that’s about to change.

When asked whether MMOs will arrive on the service in the future he explained the following:

“We haven’t announced any specific ones yet, but you can see the benefit that our platform would bring to the MMO world,” he explained. “Instead of having a 10 or 15 gigabyte download, you just boot up OnLive and again you start playing.

“I think our platform naturally benefits the MMO world, and the MMO publishers get it and are very excited about us. [MMOs are] kinda next on the big list of priorities for us.”

Having the likes of Guild Wars, World of Warcraft and Allods Online on the service are no brainers, and as the service gains a larger user base their arrival is almost guaranteed.

To read more about OnLive be sure to check out the November edition of PCGZine.

Thanks to VG247 for flagging this story up.


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