Mentor System for Aion

Published on May 13th, 2011

NCSoft has revealed a new Mentor system for , which is being prepped for the new 2.5 update.

The new functionality will allow high level players to aid the progression of newbies, via a handy option in-game. Mentors will receive special tokens for their efforts which will be able to be exchanged for Fabled or Eternal armour, weapons and accessories, whereas mentees will level up faster and easier whilst gaining loot.

It’s an interesting system which has appeared in other MMOs, but this is Aion’s first foray into letting the community help bring players through.

The only stipulation is that Mentors have to be at least ten levels higher than those they are trying to help and he or she is in direct control, choosing who they decide to help and when via the in-game group menu. Mentees will be able to register their need for assistance, via the ‘Find Group’ interface.

There will be specific quests aimed at this new tutoring initiative and there will be in-game organisations to help pair up players.

The Aion 2.5 update will appear on EU servers come May 25th and will bring a host of new improvements to this premium fantasy MMO, including a new instance, graphical improvements and more character customisations, as well as the Mentor system.

We’ll bring you more on what to expect from this mega-patch soon.


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    Mentor System for Aion

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