Guild Wars 2 No Expansions

Published on June 13th, 2011

In an exclusive interview with GamerZines, ArenaNet’s Eric Flannum has revealed that will not get the standalone expansion treatment.

For the original, ArenaNet released two standalone expansions – Factions and Nightfall – which offered two completely new continents, professions and campaigns to play through, but for the sequel there will be a new strategy.

“At this time we don’t plan to continue with the standalone expansion model,” revealed Guild Wars 2′s lead designer.

“We felt that this model split our player base unnecessarily and also caused us to focus development effort on things that were redundant with the original release of the game such as tutorial areas and duplicates of already existing skills.”

Flannum does have a valid point, as players are much more likely to find a team to quest with in Tyria than they’re in Cantha or Elona.

However the elimination of retail expansions doesn’t mean new continents won’t feature somewhere in the sequel. As we suspect that rather than putting out fully fledged expansions to explore new classes, skills and cultural flavours ArenaNet will simply add new regions, via the in-game store.

We did ask Eric what exactly would be sold in-game and even though he wasn’t able to give specifics, he did point out that items will be similar to “the kinds of things” included in the first game.

We will miss those fancy boxed expansions, but in 2011 it makes sense that all new content will be delivered in-game and will require ownership of Guild Wars 2.

To read more of this exclusive interview, please click the link on the right.


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    Guild Wars 2 No Expansions

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