City of Heroes Issue 22 Update

Published on January 17th, 2012

NCsoft and Paragon Studios have announced and detailed the first major content update for since the MMO went free-to-play late last year.

Here are the highlights of the forthcoming Issue 22: Death Incarnate update:

- Dark Astoria Incarnate Zone: Dark Astoria becomes a Co-op Incarnate Zone in Death Incarnate, allowing level 50 players to participate in the “danse macabre” co-op style gameplay as they traverse the dark, twisted, undead nightmare that has become Dark Astoria.

- Darkness Power Set: A horrifying new Power Set for Controllers and Dominators, Darkness Control allows players to command shadows and spectral minions to terrorise their foes.

- Dilemma Diabolique Incarnate Trial: Heroes and Villains must band together against the evil sorceress Diabolique as she wrests the power from the banished god Mot. If she succeeds in her plans, all of creation will be in jeopardy as she moves to take her “rightful” role as the master of all creation.

- More content for all levels: Fight off the Shivans as they attack Bloody Bay by grouping up in the new PvE Trial Drowning in Blood. Take your Hero or Villain through new Mission Arcs in Steel Canyon and Cap au Diable. Save Talos Island and Sharkhead Isle from Adamastor’s rage as he cuts a wave of destruction across the islands in the new Adamastor Zone Event.

This story-driven update also coincides with the release of a signature story-arch which apparently concludes with the death of a major character in City of Heroes’ original Supergroup, The Freedom Phalanx.

Since City of Heroes went free-to-play it seems Paragon Studios has emphasised the supporting fiction of the game more so than ever before. With updates like this it seems that trend is set to continue…

For more information about how story content is shaping the future of City of Heroes check out this developer diary.


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    City of Heroes Issue 22 Update

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