BioWare Space SW TOR

Published on December 14th, 2011

As if early game access commencing for Star Wars: The Old Republic wasn’t exciting enough, has released a blog detailing what they’re working on adding to their debut MMO in the near future.

The lengthy post details new content, UI customisation, PvP functionality and offers up further defence of the controversial Legacy System, but what really caught our eye was a proposed update to SWTOR’s on-rails space combat sections.

“We will continue to add missions to the space game. We also have a special project going on right now that will expand space gameplay in a significant way… for now the details will have to remain under wraps,” reads the post penned by game director, James Ohlen.

So what exactly could this significant update be? Well, granting players full control of their spaceship in a full 3D environment would be a start, but that would require a major overhaul of the existing space mission structure.

No doubt many will be silently hoping for a similar experience to classic space sims of old like X-Wing or Tie Fighter, but BioWare will have to get the launch phase of Old Republic out of the way first before they consider tackling that challenging endeavour.

Still, there’s nothing wrong with keeping our fingers crossed…

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    BioWare Space SW TOR

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