ArenaNet GW 2 Expansion Stance

Published on June 15th, 2011

On Monday GamerZines exclusively reported on comments from ′s lead designer Eric Flannum that suggested the MMO sequel wouldn’t be receiving standalone expansions, a kin to the original’s Nightfall or Factions.

Since that article was published ArenaNet and NCsoft have gotten in touch with us to clarify their stance regarding post-release support for Guild Wars 2.

“At present time the ArenaNet team is entirely focused on ensuring that Guild Wars 2 is delivered to the highest possible standards at the earliest opportunity, as such future plans for expansions, campaigns or additional content are still to be confirmed,” read a statement sent to our inbox.

“As soon as we have firm information on content beyond launch we’ll share this via the PR team and our forums.”

It appears the aforementioned PR team has gone into overdrive on this one and from the well-worded statement above it would be appropriate to gleam that no ideas regarding post-release support for Guild Wars 2 are off the table as of yet, or if they are the Washington-based developer doesn’t want us to know about them before launch.

We’ll have more news about this highly-anticipated sequel’s return soon.


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    ArenaNet GW 2 Expansion Stance

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