ArenaNet Reveals Guild Wars 8 Year Anniversary Plans

Published on April 16th, 2013

Time to dust off those alts folks!

With 2 currently preoccupying many millions of gamer it would be very easy for NCSoft to close the original game. We aren’t saying they should of course, we’re just saying that past precedent points to the fact that the publisher has little tolerance for MMORPGs that don’t pull their weight – City of Heroes anyone?

ArenaNet Reveals Guild Wars 8 Year Anniversary Plans

It's party time!

Forget all that though, the point is that this year Guild Wars celebrates its 8 year anniversary and to commemorate the momentous occasion NCSoft and ArenaNet are putting together an online party.

The celebrations start Monday, 22nd April and last until Monday April 29th. Festivities take place at Shing Jea Boardwalk, Lion’s Arch, Kamadan and the Great Temple of Balthazar, with all players able to take part in roller beetle races and dodgeball PvP.

In addition to those activities an NPC named Ceira will be strolling around Embark Beach throughout the week offering up new goodies including the birthday pet ‘The Hound of Balthazar’. Characters who celebrate their eight-year anniversary in Guild Wars will also receive a special gift card which allow them to snap up a birthday pet from any of the previous years.

Guild Wars still has a very active community despite the sequel going live last year. That’s something NCSoft and ArenaNet should be very proud of and we have our fingers crossed that the one time fee MMORPG will get to celebrate its ten year anniversary in 2015.

More details about this event will be revealed closure to the time, so keep an eye out on the official event page linked here.


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    ArenaNet Reveals Guild Wars 8 Year Anniversary Plans

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