MMOZine Issue 39

Published on May 24th, 2012
MMOZine Issue 39

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, and all feature – take a peak inside.

This month we have a veritable smörgåsbord of online experiences to satisfy your oh so sensitive palate including the definitive verdict on Korean combat-centric MMORPG TERA, another in-depth look at the delightfully puzzling The Secret World and a preview of a game that almost has no place in the hallowed pages of this magazine; .

Online gaming and cars going around a track repeatedly until somebody is determined the victor have been natural bed fellows since modems became a thing, but Eutechnyx’s first free-to-play offering gives wannabe racers an all new arena to interact with each other and more importantly get the most out of cars.

Continuing our trend of pursuing all things new we also have an interview with former ‘Gamespotter’ Carrie Gouskos. She reveals to us why Relic decided to take their infatuation with all things Warhammer in a distinctly MOBA-inspired direction with Wrath of Heroes.

An issue that has something for everyone then? We certainly hope so…

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    MMOZine Issue 39

    GRID Autosport, The Evil Within, Valiant Hearts, Space Hulk, Supraball and Homefront: The Revolution star in this intriguingly varied issue of our free-to-read .

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