Ten Minutes Worth of Elder Scrolls Online Footage Let Loose

Published on November 9th, 2012

Zenimax Online are starting to win us over…

Now that Guild Wars 2 has finally been unleashed on the masses, you could argue that the biggest MMORPG on the horizon is . With all the single-player gameplay you love from the franchise with the added bonus of your friends joining your adventures en masse, it’s easy to see why lots of gamers out there are excited.

Honestly we think that premise is going to be hard to pull off, but thankfully Zenimax Online are starting to show more of their hand by releasing more footage of the game in action and today we have nearly ten unbridled minutes worth of footage for you to salivate over!

Who knows whether this project will be able to deliver on its lofty ambitions, but with with many publishers shirking away from triple-A MMO development, it’s good to see that there’s at least one more big title out there on the way.


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    Ten Minutes Worth of Elder Scrolls Online Footage Let Loose

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