Mechanist Games Wants City of Steam on uh …Steam

Published on December 13th, 2012

Check out a new trailer dedicated to the game’s forthcoming beta launch.

Mechanist Games Wants City of Steam on uh ...Steam

Do you want more in-game goodies for ? You know what you need to do.

City of Steam is one of our most anticipated MMORPGs of 2013. The folks at Mechanist Games have successfully melded a post-modern fantasy meets technology setting into an online game structure which shares a lot in common with the original Guild Wars.

The problem is seeing as the game is both free-to-play and browser based there’s a fair amount of misconceptions on what the dungeon crawler experience is actually like to play and to solve this Mechanist Games have launched their pitch to get City of Steam on the PC’s most popular digital download service, Steam.

If the game gets approved, the following bonuses will be added to City of Steam:

  • 7 extra Pets, with 2 inspired by Valve!
  • 3 new Steambikes, with 1 Valve tribute model!
  • 8 new dungeon types.
  • Steam Achievements!
  • Hats. ALL THE HATS! What we mean is… we’re going to put in a lot more hats.
  • Extra hardcore dungeon challenges, tuned to be unbeatable by us.
  • Jetpacks. Seriously, JETPACKS!
  • Extra character customization options.

“We’d like to thank all of our fans for their support throughout the development process. Without you guys and girls, we wouldn’t have been able to get to this point in the first place, so thank you all very much! Let’s spread the word and get this new version on the road,” states a statement on the game’s project page.

To add more credence to this drive to get City of Steam onto Valve’s service, a new trailer was released to commemorate the impending launch of the Closed Beta which starts tomorrow. To find out how to get involved with the City of Steam Closed Beta and snap up a key yourself, be sure to visit our giveaway page.


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    Mechanist Games Wants City of Steam on uh ...Steam

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