Heroes & Generals Unveiled by Square Enix

Published on November 7th, 2012

New MMOFPS/RTS from Reto-Moto, a studio consisting of former IO staffers.

Heroes & Generals Unveiled by Square EnixSquare Enix has officially announced that it’s backing by publishing the intriguing World War II MMOFPS worldwide.

Frankly we’d never heard of this debut endeavour from Reto-Moto before, a developer formed by a host of former IO staffers, but it sounds pretty enticing and the shots on the right look very striking. The free-to-play game is set to offer both FPS and RTS gameplay with players not only able to orchestrate battles from afar, like a general if you will, but also zoom down into the heads of the underlings, dubbed heroes, controlling vehicles, airplanes and artillery units.

Heroes & Generals Unveiled by Square EnixThat sounds like quite a delicate balance to us, and Reto-Moto seem very excited about the collaboration with Square Enix.

“A partnership with Square Enix is the best thing that could happen for Heroes & Generals and will help us reach a huge audience and ensure we can deliver more content, faster,” said Peter Fleckenstein, co-founder of Reto-Moto. “We’ll continue to run a community driven development, and the trinity of Square Enix, Reto-Moto, and our community will make Heroes & Generals an incredible game that many gamers will play for years to come”.

If this sounds like the kind of explosive action that you’d get a kick out of it might be worth registering for the Heroes & Generals’ Closed Beta which is accepting a bunch of new recruits  next week or at the very least you should probably check out the trailer below. Who knows it might tickle your gun stick…


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    Heroes & Generals Unveiled by Square Enix

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